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11 Feb 2023

(9 min)

Vector graphics wallpapers with python

Creating repeatable patterns with basic shapes and lattices.

python graphics

16 Oct 2022

(5 min)

Better select forms with django and Bootstrap 5

Small tweaks to improve user experience and avoid dropdowns

django python ux

28 Sep 2017

(1 min)

Superimpose chemical structures

How to make nice graphics from multiple structures

graphics python chemistry povray ase

12 Jun 2017

(1 min)

Chemical kinetics with python

Exploring chemical reaction kinetics with Python

research python chemistry

12 Jun 2017

(1 min)

Radial density and sympy

Plotting quantum mechanical electron densities

python chemistry quantum mechanics sympy

28 May 2017

(5 min)

22 May 2017

(4 min)

22 Apr 2017

(2 min)

Zeolite Framework Classification II

Visualization of zeolite topologies classification, part II.

zeolites python pandas

28 Mar 2017

(4 min)

Zeolite Framework Classification

Visualization of zeolite topologies classification using bokeh.

zeolites bokeh python

28 Jan 2017

(5 min)

Awesome Python Chemistry

A repository of chemistry related python tools

python chemistry packages

22 Jan 2017

(4 min)

mendeleev web app

The first working version of the mendeleev app

periodic table app flask python

11 Nov 2016

(1 min)

Batch Calculator v0.3.0 released

Check out the latest features of the Batch Calculator!

phd research python