You can find a basic tutorial that uses a real life example and provides a guide though a standard calculation and generation of the report.


Installation on Windows and Mac

For windows and MacOSX GUI installers are available for each release that can be downloaded from here. After downloading adn double clicking on the installer a familiar wizard should appear and you only need to follow instructions on the screen.

Installation from source


Installation from source is the only choice for now for linux users but it is also an option for other users if they want to develop the package or test some new features.

Below in the list of all the packages that batch calculator depends on:

Manual installation

To get the program you can either download the latest stable release from the repository or clone the whole repository to have the very latest version

git clone https://github.com/lmmentel/batchcalculator.git
If you installed all the prerequisites downloaded or clone the repository and unpacked then to finally install the package cd to the package directory and type
$ [sudo] python setup.py install
If the installation finishes without errors you should be able to start the GUI from the command line by typing

PDF/TeX reports

In the latest batch calculator release there is a built in pdf report generator based on reportlab package that will generate a report without using external programs. The pdf can be generated for the conventional batch calculation (moles to masses) or from the composition calculation (masses to moles).

An alternative and more flexible option is generating a report in tex format which can be edited further or used to generate the pdf file. To generate the pdf a tex distribution is required. Although a TeX distribution is not a formal dependency and the program will work without any trouble without it, it is required if you want to produce nice pdf reports. If you don't know what TeX is, but you would like to know more TUG (TeX Users Group) website is a good place to start.

If you just want to get it to work here are some quick links to major TeX distributions for different platforms